Tutus and Tuxes (Creative Movement)


Who doesn't love a Tutu? How cute is a little boy in a Tux? Our Tutus and Tuxes program was created especially for our spunky and fun-loving little ones to be creative while learning basic dance and tumbling skills. Each week we will host either a dance, tumbling, or a special theme week! Our Tutu and Tuxes dancers will always skip out of the dance room feeling happy, energetic, and wanting more. It isn't uncommon for them to talk about dance everyday!  
*The tuition listed is 1 of the equal payments due August - May.
Tuition is based on a yearly amount and divided into 10 monthly installments. 
Monthly tuition is taken via auto debit only on the 25th of the prior month.   
*Introductory classes are not recommended for this age group as many of the dancers have never attended a class in a structured environment. Consistency is the key with them. Most dancers need more than 1 - 45 minute class to feel completely comfortable in this environment with their new teacher and new friends. If you do choose to attend an introductory class, there is a $10 fee. Once you choose to enroll, this $10 fee is applied to your registration fee. 
Tuition is based on a yearly amount and then divided into 10 equal payments to be processed on the 25th of the prior month with your on file account. To view our monthly tuition policy details, please click this link.  
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